5-Step Guide for Planning & Traveling to HAWAII during COVID

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4 min readJan 30, 2021


Look up the State of Hawaii traveling information: travel.hawaii.gov

Register: https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/trip


2. 14 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE, we received a message from United Airlines

Aloha! United travelers to Hawaii must:

a. Enroll in Safe Travels https://travel.hawaii.gov

b. Take COVID-19 test within 72 hrs of departure ONLY with listed State of Hawaii trusted test sites: This link has the list of approved Hawaii testing partners: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/

3. 7 DAYS PRIOR TO FLYING | COVID TEST: will get an email or text from the airline about filling out the form and covid test or quarantine information. List of Hawaii testing partners, https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/

a. Go Health Urgent Care: www.gohealthuc.com 830 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City. Rapid test approved by the State of Hawaii. Best to drive there to make an appointment in person. I spent hours on the website and couldn’t book an appointment. There were plenty of spots at the site. We had Blue Shield PPO and they directly billed our insurance. Since then, they’ve set up https://www.gohealthuc.com/sfo-travel-testing with testing center at SFO airport. Cost $261/person at SFO.

b. Colors: https://www.color.com/ Covid Testing will need to pre-paid then try to get reimbursement from insurance: 844–352–6567 M-F 6am-5pm. Color testing site opens from 12–7pm: www.color.com/united-airlines-hawaii-testing-program/ Testing booking schedule is only open 10 days in advance. 48 hours is the usual turnaround time is for test results. So as long as it’s 48 hours prior to boarding. They also do have some openings for walk-ins if you don’t have an appointment scheduled.

Currently, United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines both operate non-stop service from SFO to the Hawaiian Islands. https://www.flysfo.com/travel-well/travel-to-hawaii

Connecting through SFO. It is highly recommended that you take your COVID-19 test prior to arriving at SFO. If you take your COVID-19 test while connecting through SFO AND you test positive, you WILL NOT be allowed to continue your journey AND you WILL be required to quarantine locally for 14-days at your own expense.

4. 72 HOURS BEFORE FLIGHT | UPLOAD TEST: negative test needed to be uploaded to Safe Travels BEFORE departure. Invalid/missing tests will result in 14-day quarantine. Transiting passengers must also enroll in Safe Travels

Upload Negative results to https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/uploaddocuments

After the upload, the COVID Test is in the system. Make sure also to bring a paper copy to the airport.


Health Questionaire is only available for your trip within 24 hours of flight


6. LANDING: Make sure to have a printout of your negative covid test result on you to present to custom. Each island in Hawaii will have different rules and regulations upon landing. We went to the Big Island and everyone is required to have another covid test before leaving the airport. You can not leave the airport if you don’t take the covid test upon landing. They will only contact you if your test turns out positive.



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